New, Free Resource Answers Local Business Owners Questions About Illegal Immigration

Help Save Maryland (HSM), a grassroots, multi-ethnic citizens organization, has published a new brochure designed to help local business owners handle the problems created by illegal aliens in our communities. The full-color document, "A Business Owner's Guide to Illegal Immigration," is customized for businesses in Montgomery County.

In the brochure, business owners will learn:

  • How to increase business by stopping unwanted day laborers from loitering on their property.
  • The penalties for hiring illegal aliens.
  • How to find the federal E-Verify system to confirm worker employment eligibility.
  • Safer sources for temporary workers than CASA de Maryland day laborer centers that do not screen for criminal background or legal presence.
  • Ways to combat unfair competition from businesses that hire illegal aliens.

"The current recession means Montgomery County business owners can't afford to let unwanted loiterers scare away their valued customers," says HSM's Director Brad Botwin. "It also means more businesses may be tempted to cut corners and hire workers not authorized to work in the U.S. This new resource helps business owners understand the law, and understand their options when illegal immigration negatively impacts their livelihoods and the safety of their customers."

HSM created this guide in response to the refusal by Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett and the entire Montgomery County Council to take serious action to protect our citizens and communities from illegal aliens.

HSM volunteers are currently distributing the brochure to local businesses, shopping centers and U.S. Chamber of Commerce affiliates in Montgomery County. The brochure can also be downloaded for free here.

HSM plans additional business editions for other Maryland counties in the near future.

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