Next to our elected officials, the non-profit, taxpayer subsidized organization CASA of Maryland is the biggest promoter and facilitator of illegal aliens in Maryland.  CASA receives millions to run Day Laborer Centers, provide "education, language and health care" services and more.  CASA also organizes events and protests to promote their illegal alien agenda as well as uses their legal staff to sue American citizens and businesses.  CASA's agenda undermines our communities, economic well-being and families. CASA activities need to be continually questioned and challenged in the press and media, and at public events until all taxpayer dollars for CASA programs are terminated.  

See the attached document for a sample of how CASA of Maryland aids and abets illegal aliens in Maryland.

Download the CASA Booklet. (PDF)

Help Save Maryland does not support the activities of CASA of Maryland nor the content of this booklet.

Casa De Maryland Stooge Joe Vallario

Here's a YouTube video of Maryland State Delegate Joe Vallario (Democrat -District 27A Calvert & Prince George's County), chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, pandering to illegal aliens that CASA of Maryland bused into Annapolis for a candlelight vigil in late February 2008. CASA continues to advocate for Drivers' Licenses for Illegal Aliens in Maryland. (Video created by RapidResponse Media of Maryland).

Let Joe know what you think.
Does he have a career waiting in Hollywood? Think he has a chance of re-election?? You can let him know at!

Enemy of the People

Here is former Casa de Maryland board member and now Delegate Ana Sol Gutierrez of the Maryland House of Delegates addressing a gathering at the 2008 Progressive States Annual Gala. She brags about keeping any of what she characterizes as “bad” immigration bills from leaving committee, and tells her audience that illegal aliens should be called undocumented. “I refuse to use that other word,” she said.

These are the people who perpetuate a sanctuary state in Maryland, one that overwhelms our schools, hospitals, jails and other public resources with uncounted numbers of illegal aliens at taxpayer expense.

CASA de Maryland's Prince George's County Stooge

Hugo Chavez Giving $1.5 Million to Maryland Illegal Alien Support Group

This Venezuelan Dictator and protege of Fidel Castro seeks to help "Immigrant Workers" in Maryland using funds he stole by nationalizing the energy sector in that country. This donation tops Governor Martin O'Malley's Gift of taxpayer dollars to CASA earlier this year.


See The Washington Post article for more information.



CASA and their supporters want our federal government and the State of Maryland to give millions of taxpayer dollars towards CASA's so-called "Multicultural Center" in Langley Park, Prince George's County, Maryland. A center which will be used to aid illegal aliens and further CASA's radical agenda of rewarding illegal aliens for their unlawful behavior at the expense of the taxpayer.  Here's a "case study" by CASA supporters that shows just how much of our money CASA will receive if these appropriations are approved.

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